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In today’s digital world, millions of Americans rely on their smartphones to access their friends, work and online resources. If these phones are accidentally damaged, the need for a repair or replacement is often urgent. Phone-n-Fix responds to this need by providing quick and professional repair services, and, different from other cell phone repair concepts, we also offer access to affordable certified pre-owned devices.

The Phone-n-Fix concept was born out of our relentless interest in operational efficiency. This focus stems from our team’s combined 40+ years of business ownership, development and franchising experience. We know what it takes to provide great customer service and build a business; we saw a huge and growing need in the marketplace, and knew we could fill that need.

Our experience in the wireless industry started as a partnership in an existing device repair business. What had originally started out as a business run out of a garage and from a small, lime-green house, then evolved into a kiosk located in a local mall. We soon grew into a fully branded, multiple-market network of stores and kiosks. During that time, we have streamlined every aspect of our business model to allow our products and services to be available at extremely competitive prices. This commitment to efficiency and excellence has also resulted in straight forward business processes and exceptional growth.

A damaged cell phone is discouraging enough. Your repair shop should not add fuel to the fire. At Phone-n-Fix, you can enjoy a sleek, spacious and organized store layout. Each location features bright, glass display cases showcasing certified pre-owned smartphones for every price point. An energetic Phone-n-Fix team member awaits, ready and willing to assist you. The era of the dark, cramped “fix-it-shop” is over. At Phone-n-Fix, our eyes are set to the bright future of tech and our in-store experience reflects that.

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