We Offer a Game-Changing Alternative to the Certified Pre-Owned Market

A drenched device, fried logic board or other irreparable issue has the potential to send your phone to digital heaven. When a digital device disaster strikes, the last thing you want to think about is the cost of an expensive replacement phone.

Phone-n-Fix saves you the trouble by offering the hottest phones and tablets on the market, like-new and ready to activate. Our customers have the opportunity to purchase a new device in-store, thanks to our growing selection of certified pre-owned smartphones, including the bestselling models from Apple, Samsung, Motorola and more.


Explore our inventory of certified pre-owned smartphones. Choose from some of the hottest wireless models available.


Stay connected with our growing assortment of tablets. We carry select models for your digital needs, fully restored and available for purchase.

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Reviving your cell phone or tablet with a quality repair solution is savvy and cost-effective. However, there comes a time when you are ready to say “goodbye” to your old device and “hello” to a new one. If your “old faithful” smartphone is on its last leg and you have paid for more repair jobs than you can count in its lifetime, give Phone-n-Fix a call.

Our retail options are just as exceptional as our repair services in terms of quality and convenience. Put your old device to rest and buy a certified pre-owned device that suits your digital style, all in the same day.

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