We are always available for your wireless needs! If you do not see your question below, feel free to reach out to us here. A Phone-n-Fix team member will follow up with you as soon as possible.


How long do repair services take?

At Phone-n-Fix, we make your time and convenience our top priority. The majority of repair jobs can be completed in less than one hour. However, wait times may vary, as we service customers on a first come, first served basis. Our technicians will notify you upfront about your estimated wait time upon consultation.

My device is not listed. Can you still fix it?

Though your cell phone may not be listed, we can most likely get it up and running. Give us a call or bring your device into any one of our locations, and our team would be glad to take a look.

Can Phone-n-Fix repair water damage?

Our technicians are well trained in treating water damage in the most thorough way. Above all else, we seek to preserve the life of your phone as much as possible. Water damage repairs are not guaranteed nor is the labor charge refundable in the event the water treatment on the device is unsuccessful. Read more about our warranty and exchange programs here.

Is there a warranty on Phone-n-Fix repair services?

We offer a 1-year warranty on all screen repairs, and a 90-day warranty regarding the functionality of the repair on all other repairs. Please see our "Warranty Policy" page to learn more.


How does Phone-n-Fix determine the value of my used cell phone?

Our team will carefully evaluate the condition and functionality of your used device to determine a suitable cash offer. The decision to buy a used cell phone from a seller - and its determined value - is at the sole discretion of Phone-n-Fix.

Are Phone-n-Fix’s certified pre-owned smartphones associated with a certain carrier?

The majority of Phone-n-Fix's certified pre-owned smartphones are unlocked. Many of our phones are also available to be used in the international market.

I purchased a device from Phone-n-Fix, but I changed my mind. Can I return it?

We provide a 48 hour buyer's remorse policy, as well as a 30-day warranty on the functionality of any device purchased at Phone-n-Fix. A restocking fee of 10%, with a minimum of $35, will be applied to all returns. See our "Warranty Policy" page for more details.

Am I required to pay for my new cell phone outright?

Phone-n-Fix does offer customized device payment plans for those looking to replace their cell phone with us! Talk to a team member at your local Phone-n-Fix store about how we can work with you.


Where can I find out about job opportunities with Phone-n-Fix?

We are always looking to share the Phone-n-Fix philosophy with new team members! Find out about available job opportunities at each of our locations on our Careers page.

I would like to own and operate my own Phone-n-Fix store.

Phone-n-Fix is currently growing through a comprehensive franchise program! Download our franchise brochure or request more information to learn about available franchise opportunities near you.


How can I contact Phone-n-Fix?

Visit our contact page, or reach us at 605-274-6700 or info@phonenfix.com.

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