Few events are more frustrating than the moment you damage a cell phone. An untimely drop, scratch, dent or glitch can spell disaster for a smartphone owner. There is no way to truly prepare for cell phone damage or the associated costs; however, there is a viable solution to your woes. Phone-n-Fix provides quick and convenient repair services performed by knowledgeable technicians at a competitive price. Come in for affordable cell phone repair services and stick around for the premium service experience we provide.

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Phone-n-Fix services most types of smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Google models, as well as select iPads. Our team of technicians has extensive experience in mobile technology, and we are not afraid to use it, especially if it means restoring your device to full functionality in a timely manner.

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Quality Repair Solutions, Guaranteed

At Phone-n-Fix, we pride ourselves on being masters of our craft. We stand behind our work and value our customers’ peace of mind. Phone-n-Fix offers a 1-year warranty on all screen repairs and a 90-day warranty on all other repairs.

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