Common Issues

Our technicians have encountered thousands of cell phone issues over the years. Along the way, we have identified some of the most common damages.

Cracked Phone Screen

You cringe at the sound of your phone hurtling against the floor. You lift it up and flip it over slowly to reveal your screen in the very state you were dreading – shattered to oblivion. Screen damage can happen to the best of us, whether our device suffers from a single crack or a full-blown blitz. Though many cell phone users look beyond the occasional crack and continue use, further damage could occur over time. Cracked glass could eventually nick the skin or trap dirt and debris and disrupt screen function. Because of the intricate nature of a screen repair or replacement, your best option is to seek a professional cell phone screen repair service.

Water Damaged Phone

Whether your phone falls victim to a rain puddle, the toilet bowl or a spilled latte, the first thing you want to do is power off and leave it off. This will give you the best chance at saving your phone from potential internal damage.

Avoid pressing any buttons to prevent water from seeping further into your device, and bring it in for a professional diagnosis.

Our team will do our best to restore the functionality of your water-damaged device. However, its restoration is not guaranteed and is, thus, non-refundable. The cost of our water damage treatment services do not apply to any additional parts or labor required to complete your repair.

Unresponsive Home Button

If you think your home button may be malfunctioning, trapped dirt or debris could be the cause. Stop in and have our team take a look. We can provide same-day home button replacement services at a competitive rate.

When In Doubt,
Call Phone-n-Fix

The issues listed here are just a few of the most common cell phone damages. If you are experiencing these issues or have another cell phone repair need, feel free to bring your device into any one of Phone-n-Fix’s premium store locations. We have the technical know-how and professional resources to assist you while you wait.

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