Warranty Policy


Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer custom warranty and exchange policies on our repairs and retail products to make sure we meet your wireless needs. Ask a member of the Phone-n-Fix team if you have any questions about how our warranty and exchange policies are designed with you in mind.

General Repairs

Phone-n-Fix provides a 1-year warranty on all screen repairs, and a 90-day warranty regarding the functionality of the repair on all other repairs. This does not apply to screens or parts not purchased at Phone-n-Fix. This warranty is void if the device shows evidence of any misuse, improper handling, including but not limited to physical/water damage, operation outside of it's limits or repairs conducted by someone other than a Phone-n-Fix technician. In the event the device can't be repaired by the Phone-n-Fix technician, Phone-n-Fix will refund all dollars applied to the repair, with the exception of the labor fee. Devices and/or special orders, paid for or otherwise, not claimed within 90-days will be deemed property of Phone-n-Fix. Repairs that require disposal of electronic parts will include a disposal fee of $6.95. Any & all returns/exchanges must be processed at the originating store of purchase.

Water Damage Treatment

Phone-n-Fix will attempt to restore the functionality of your water-damaged devices. The restoration of the device is not guaranteed; therefore, is non-refundable. The cost of this treatment does not apply to any additional parts or labor required to complete the repair.

Phone Warranty

Phone-n-Fix provides a 48 hour buyer's remorse policy, no exceptions. Additionally, Phone-n-Fix provides a 30-day warranty on the functionality of a device purchased at Phone-n-Fix. The device warranty is voided by physical/liquid damage or alterations to the device's firmware/operating system.

A restocking fee of 10%, with a minimum of $35, will be applied to all returns. Phone-n-Fix reserves the right to refuse the return of the device based upon, but not limited to, the condition of the device.


Phone-n-Fix provides a 3-day warranty on accessories. Any return will need to be in it's original condition & packaging. Any & all returns/exchanges must be processed at the originating store of purchase.

Return and Exchange

Any device approved for return will need to be in it's original condition & packaging from when it was purchased. There will be no approved returns or exchanges for clearance items. All cash refunds exceeding $100 will be issued in the form of a check within 14-days. All returns/exchanges must be processed at the originating store of purchase.

Leasing Customers

If a purchase was leased, all inquiries and payments are handled through the leasing company. Please contact your leasing agency of choice.

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